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October 10, 2013
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Pip Boy 4000 v0.8 1920x1080 by Kabrawly Pip Boy 4000 v0.8 1920x1080 by Kabrawly
A huge overhaul of the Pip Boy theme, built for 1920x1080 resolution.
(get 1366x768 here!… )

What's changed from 0.5:
The theme no longer requires layouts (thank goodness).
Unfortunately, this means no saving other skins to the pip boy theme. (Though v1.0 will have that feature)
More options for Stat Bar measures.
More options for customization and configuration.

And all of this is possible because of...... You brand new Pip Boy Configurator v0.8!

That's right, be excited. There's a new configuration page that allows for interactively choosing options, as well as visually seeing your choice and having everything remembered. The goal was to have minimal manual input for anything, so all you will ever have to type is file paths for the custom fallout launcher (if you use it), as well as the paths and names of shortcuts for the main launcher.
The configurator doesn't have popup backgrounds like everything else yet. Those will be there in v1.0 (immersion ftw).

Unfortunately the Skills, Perks, and General tab are still out of use. There will be available functions for those pages in the 1.0 release, as well as the option to save your own skins to pages.
And again, if there are any skins you want ported to match the theme, as well as any issues or features you would like added, let me know. This may not be the final release before 1.0, but it's getting close ;)
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also An option to add folder directories would be great to get the the .ini files and game directories.
never mind figured it out lol. Great work. Can't wait for the update :)
how do I get the wallpaper?
Will this work for Windows 8.1?
NoObErT-11 Feb 25, 2014  New member
This is so awesome, I can't wait for version 1.0
I'm new to this, I think this looks amazing.
I just downloaded rainmeter but I have to idea how to put this in, thanks in advance!
Absolutely fantastic, all it needs now is the RSS feeds to be implemented with time and it will be perfect!
Raptur-e Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 Thank you for making this
i absolutely love this! definitely agree with spaceoctupus about the gmail and feeds. spotify would be amazing. i do think number one priority should be getting a 1600x900 version out though. great work!
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